ELEVATOR Inspection

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A Elevator Inspection is a comprehensive responsibility Inspection advising the current state of the elevator. It is a great way to receive advice…

Diagnostic Services

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We always use the most advanced diagnostic equipment with the most up to date equipment to make sure that even the most sophisticated car can be….

Performance Upgrades

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We take performance upgrades seriously. That’s why we only use the best brands and parts. One of the upgrades that we provide is our Performance…

Service | Maintenance | Repairs

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Our vast knowledge of industry manufacturers gives us the edge over our competition and our highly skilled technicians make installing and servicing your machine hassle free. Services unrelated to a full maintenance contract are based on specific parts and requirements of the elevator system. These limited contracts may include quarterly or semiannual inspections, examination and lubrication service or parts, oil and grease service. No matter who installed your machine, trust the experts to manage the components. Contact us for information on limited service contracts.



Just like automobiles, proper maintenance and service are required to keep them running in pique condition. Suncoast Elevator Company, Inc. offers full service maintenance contracts on new and existing equipment. We take the burden out of costly repairs by providing ongoing monthly maintenance visits and annual inspections for safety and general operating functionality. Our expert service technician will regularly clean, lubricate and test the machine to identify any issues that require attention.
Maintenance agreements also include jack packing replacements, round the clock service calls as well as nonperformance cancellations. Long-term, preventative care of your equipment will ensure the life of the machine through consistent use and help maintain optimum performance into the future.
We provide maintenance contracts for elevators outside our own product lines. If your machine was installed by another company, you can still take advantage of our reliable and affordable full service maintenance contract. Unlike large corporations, we focus on the needs of each individual customer. Call for information on full service maintenance contracts now!



Is it 8:00 in the morning and your elevator isn’t responding? Or maybe, it’s skipping the second floor. Service repair issues unrelated to your preventative maintenance contract are unscheduled technical and nontechnical problems that can occur especially in older models. Call backs may result from improper use of the equipment by tenants and guests of the building or from a machine that has not received regular maintenance. However controllable these circumstances may or may not be, incidences do occur and to deal with them, you want a company with extensive experience to handle your situation in a timely, professional manner. Repair services include oil lines of all sizes, new power units, door restrictors, electronic safety edges and a five year warranty on all cylinder replacements. No job is too big or too small. With Coastal Elevator Services, Inc. more than 30 years of experience, you get professional service at a fair price. We provide emergency service repairs for any type of machine by any manufacturer. Are you experiencing an elevator crisis?